Allied Products

As we have our own manufacturing plant for manufacturing all components required to produce a castor.

We also use these facilities for manufacturing custom products apart from castors for our OEM & ODM customers.

Below we have highlighted some of the points about our manufacturing capabilities which we can jointly explore for development of new products apart from castors.



  • We have very high precision servo controlled injection moulding machines from 80 to 200 tonnages in which we can mould almost any grade & colour of plastic raw material.
  • Post production surface finish is also provided in required products.
  • In addition to our low cost, high precision injection moulding service, we also have the on-site capability to undertake product and plastic assembly work on your behalf, thanks to our experienced and skilled team of 50+ dedicated assembly operatives are able to handle various types of assembly work to the same high standards that have made our injection moulding work so successful.


  • We can produce Fasteners in M.S up to 12mm in diameter & 55mm in length.
  • Turned Components can be made in any raw material & size.
  • Metal Stamping products can be made in any raw material up to 50 tonnage hydraulic presses.
  • Post production surface finish is also provided in required products.

The list of machinery which we have in metal:-

  • Cold forging header machines.
  • CNC turning machine.
  • Trimming machines.
  • Threading machines.
  • Grinding machines.
  • Milling machines.
  • Traub machines.

Zinc die casting:-

  • We can do hot chamber zinc die casting in our 120 tonnage machine.
  • Post production surface finish is also provided in required products.

Multi Directional Leveler

Can your leveler work as height adjuster & same time adjust angle & tilt variation of your furniture, appliance, equipment, etc... & can it also protects your flooring ?

Regal Castors Introduces Multi Directional Leveler which adjust height, angle & tilt variation at same time protects your flooring.

Available in Multiple Finish, Pads & Stems Options


  • Chrome on Black
  • Black on Black


  • Nylon
  • Felt
  • PU


  • Threaded
  • Push(King Pin)
  • Plate



Our Castors are widely used in Medical Equipment Castors, Furniture Castors, Appliances Castors.


Caster Basics

Wheel Diameter: The nominal diameter of the outside of the wheel, this typically describes the basic size of the Castor (i.e. a 2" wheel diameter caster is typically referred to as a 2" Castor).