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Manufacturing Capabilities

Hot Chamber Zinc Die Casting Machine
Injection Machine
Metal Stamping
Trimming Machine
Header Machine
Castor Machines

We serve our customers in a wide variety of industries with quality products and dedicated customer service. Our in-house manufacturing and engineering capabilities have enabled us to become a true partner with our customers to provide them with the innovative and cost-saving products that they need to stay competitive in their industries.

We can assist you in designing with almost any kind of Injection Moulded, Metal Stamping, Cold Forged, Cast Aluminium & Turned component products combined with sourcing and inventory management services, we offer so much to so many companies around the world. Advanced knowledge allows us; not only to design and build high quality tools, but to often eliminate the need for secondary operations.
Apart from Casters, we also produce several other Plastic, Aluminium& Metal products as OEM’s.

Precision Assembly

When satisfying your requirements comes, we can assemble Castors or any plastic and metal components to meet your specific needs. Millions of assemblies and sub-assemblies pass through our facility each year and each one brings together our talents from Engineering, Metal Stamping, Turned Components, Cold Forging, Cast Aluminium and Injection Moulding.

We will work with your organization during all stages of design and production to produce the products you require.

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Our Castors are widely used in Medical Equipment Castors, Furniture Castors, Appliances Castors.


Caster Basics

Wheel Diameter: The nominal diameter of the outside of the wheel, this typically describes the basic size of the Castor (i.e. a 2" wheel diameter caster is typically referred to as a 2" Castor).