Polyurethane Casters, 60 mm PU Casters, Appliance Casters

Poly 60 BK

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Poly 60 BK

Unhooded lockable Polyurethane Castor


Wheel Diameter:
60 mm
Hub Dia:
23 mm
Loading Capacity:
60 kgs per Castor
High Impact Nylon Core & Hub With Soft Highly Hydrolysis Resistant PU Treads on Wheel

Quality Test

  • Passed as per International Standards (AFRDI, ANSI, BIFMA, CMA/FIRA, DIN, EN etc.)
  • In-House Dynamic Testing as Per International Standards.
  • Our Durability Test Imposes up to 150,000 Cycles on Casters.
  • Wide Range of Drop Weight & Drop Height used for Impact Tests.
  • Corrosion, Cold Whether & Functional Tests are also being conducted.


  • Provides sufficient traction
  • Squeak-free
  • Scratch-resist (protects your valuable flooring from getting damage)
  • Built to Last.
  • 5 Years Guaranteed.
  • Foot Lock for Ease of use.
  • Conventional PU castors will hydrolysis after long-term exposure by the addition of water in the air. But our Highly Hydrolysis Resistant PU Castor manufactured on our Patented PU Castor Manufacturing won’t.

Make to Order

  • Various sized Stems (Mountings) can also be made as per the requirements
  • Castors can be made in any colour combination required
  • OEM’s & ODM’s are welcomed
  • Also Available as Anti Static Casters / ESD Safe Casters
  • Available with Zero Noise Stem
  • Custom Branding Available
  • RoHS Compliances Casters


  • Office Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Appliances.
  • Office Equipment’s
  • Special Purpose Applications
  • Anything & Everything, which needs to be moved under Specified Load & Environment

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