PU Castor Comparison

Highly Hydrolysis Resistant Pu Castors

Patented PU Castors Manufacturing

  • In-house dynamic testing as per International Standards.
  • Wide range of drop weights & drop height for impact test
  • Corrosion test & functional test
  • (ANSI, BIFMA, DIN, EN, CMA/FIRA, etc…)
  • Our durability test imposes upto 150000 cycles on Castors.
  • Water resistance test, cold weather test

Regal Make

our-product-1Our new technique of bonding directly does not come’s off.
our-product-2After 100,000 Cycles endurance test, it still does not separates.

Other Make

other-products-1Traditional PU castors is joined by inlay means no bonding; hence separates easily.
other-products-2With slightly use it comes off & starts to separate.

“This empowers us to manufacture precision quality Castors Wheels that are consistent in quality and perform well even under the most arduous conditions.”


Our Castors are widely used in Medical Equipment Castors, Furniture Castors, Appliances Castors.


Caster Basics

Wheel Diameter: The nominal diameter of the outside of the wheel, this typically describes the basic size of the Castor (i.e. a 2" wheel diameter caster is typically referred to as a 2" Castor).