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Manufacturing Capabilities

Plastics Processing

Plastics Processing

To stay ahead of the market, you need to be flexible. We are able to produce a wide range of Castor Wheels including Heat & Cold Resistant & Electrically Conductive & glass fibre-reinforced versions.

We use a range of high-performance machinery for the injection moulding process. Our extremely high-performance tooling technology allows us to optimise our cycle times while keeping our quality high.

Tooling and Engineering

Tooling and Engineering

We develop and build tools, equipment and systems in house to meet any requirement with our highly-qualified engineers & state of the art machinery. Our in-house tooling guarantees that none of our tools see any downtime and keeps our product quality high. We can assist you in designing with almost any kind of Injection Moulded, Metal Stamping, Cold Forged, Cast Aluminium & Turned component products.


Custom Engineered Solutions

When make to order or Custom Design’s are required the demand’s are so unique that even our product range is too limited and custom designs are the solution.

It doesn’t matter if additional functions or just another look is required, for us every inquiry is considered as a challenge. So far, we have managed to find the perfect solution for every client.

We do everything that can technically be realised in design and production of Casters to your specifications. You can be certain that we continue to implement more unusual ideas with the usual REGAL CASTORS.

Challenging custom applications are an opportunity for our experienced engineering staff to solve your most complex product needs.

Regal Castors doesn’t only produce movable products, we are also very flexible. We consider ourselves not only to be a manufacturer, who produces and sells, but also as a service provider. Apart from Casters, we also do produce several other Plastic, Cast Aluminium & Metal products as OEM’s.

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