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GHG Data

Emissions by boundary and scope

Below we report emissions on an operational control (100% of emissions from companies and joint ventures where we are the operator) and equity basis (equity share of emissions from companies and joint ventures).

The direct (Scope 1) emissions come from the facilities under the operational control or the equity boundary. The energy indirect (Scope 2) emissions come from the facilities of others that provide electricity or heat and steam to our operations.

Scope (million metric tons CO2e )
  Operational Control Operational Control
  2022 2023
Scope 1    
Scope 2 (location-based method) 0.000046 0.00004090

The table below shows estimated Scope 3 emissions included in our net carbon intensity.

Scope 3 (million metric tons CO2e)
Category Name 2022 2023
Purchased Goods and Services 0.002952 0.003656
Capital Goods 0.058597 0.001854
Upstream Transportation and Distribution 0.000045 0.000057
Downstream Transportation and Distribution 0.004927 0.008294

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