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Sustainable Manufacturing


  • Using Renewable Energy at our office’s & factory.
  • Manufacturing of l00% Recyclable Castors from Prime Material.
  • Manufacturing of l00% Recyclable Castors from 100% Recycled Plastic. Sourced frompost-consumer & industrial waste.(still meeting all International standards)
  • Using Ocean reclaimed plastic by applying advanced engineering. (used approximately 3.5 million reclaimed single-use plastic water bottles in a year)

“We are committed to creating a greener future”


Abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear can contribute up to 76 per cent of all marine debris found during beach clean-ups.

In one survey one abandoned fishing net is expected to catch two invertebrates per day, one fish every three days and one seabird every five days. Abandoned nets make the perfect trap for animals living in the sea.

With a well-recycled process, these harmful fishnets become a perfect source for making regenerated nylon

Regal Castors has been working silently for last many years by producing nylon chips from using oceanreclaimed fishnet.

Last year alone we used approximately 400MT of ocean-reclaimed fishnet.

Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Our planet is definitely struggling these years, and it seems as if it has never been more obvious, that we need to take action in regards to improving the environment. At Mater we wish to make an impact in the business industry, therefore our commitments within our production, are now aligned with the Global Goals.

For the past few years, engineers at Regal Castors are doing R&D and are trying to find ways to add other “Ocean Reclaimed” waste like “Plastic Bottles” to our product & we have found a breakthrough. In the year 2022, we added approximately 3.5 million single used plastic water bottles reclaimed from the ocean and gave it new life in over millions of our castors.

Through, product innovation, collaboration, and ongoing commitment to sustainability, Regal Castors is leading the movement to ensure plastic is no longer considered waste but a valuable raw material for the circular economy.
One of our key goals
is preserving

“Life Below Water”

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